Sunday, February 20, 2011

Creation and propagation of Factoids.

Practically the whole corpus of the UFO=ETs=Contact theory is based in the creation and propagation of Factoids.
Sample: an unidentified flying object was seen and videotaped in Jerusalem.  
The factoid UFO=ET is introduced, when the advocate of the theory goes on writing about the Aliens in Jerusalem as a fact. Nobody gave any evidence about Jerusalem UFO as star-craft, but this is conveniently “forgotten”.
Consequently, how can we talk about such dubious event as a proof of extraterrestrial presence? How can we transform the Factoid in a Fact?
No space is given to doubt. Even if there are suggestions or evidences of some hoax or misperception, like the party balloons in New York, the advocates of the UFO=ET hypothesis write and talk as if everybody were totally convinced that Jerusalem and New York, were visited by Alien Crafts.
This is dishonesty.
A believer in the ET hypothesis should consider the reasonable doubt.  Then, he or she can write something as follows:
“IF Jerusalem and New York UFOs are extraterrestrial artifacts, THEN the aliens want to send us this message…or that one…”
But they don’t do such thing. Once the factoid is created, any doubt, any question, any demand of evidences becomes debunking, provocation and disinformation.
Even if evidences show that the UFO was a natural object as a balloon, these evidences are condemned as manipulations by the Cosmic Preachers. These EXO-EXPERTS are never wrong; they do not recognize any mistake.
They know that, as the infamous Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels said, “A lie repeated a hundred times becomes true..! “

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