Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Exopoliticians: Diplomacy without diplomats

I have nothing against Exopolitics.

There is no secret here, but we need two for tango. That’s the basic deconstructive contradiction, and because of this, Exopolitics deconstructs itself.

The existence of Exopolitics as a discipline, science, or whatever you want to call it, depends of, at least two sides, two parts willing to establish diplomatic relationships.

However, there are not such two sides, and more there is not even one side.

Let’s agree for a moment with the hypothesis of the extraterrestrial origin of the Unidentified Dynamic Entities, usually called UFOS.

Let’s believe that these gentlemen, or gentle…something, have been here for the last three of four thousand years, wasting their time and money and showing no interest in any diplomatic contact. In fact in any contact at all.

In our own side, the same is true: only people belonging the UFO subculture show any interest in contacting the Aliens.

Earth governments have enormous problems to solve, and probably they will not solve these at all.

Things are going bad here on Earth and neither the People, not the Governments have time for science fiction given as the real thing.

So, the big problem for Exopolitics is that they want diplomacy without diplomats, contacts without contactees and contactors.

Of course we can talk a lot, about Colonel Shadow, anonymous sources, personal private contacting experiences, whistleblowers without Evidences, and obscure “mystics”, but, honestly something more is needed.

Talking and writing is easy. After all, evidences are not needed at all.

Just watch the ufological environment. Each one has his /her own definition. So they fight: “my ET is better than your ET”; “my Pleiadeans are nicer than your Zetas.”

And one more word for those who dislike what I say here.

I can be what you want: cabal operative, a psyop, the Devil or a member of the Opus Dei but remember that these accusations DO NOT ANSWER the arguments.

The Ad Hominem Fallacy is precisely that: If you cannot deny what your opponent says, just attack him; call him names.


Tomas Scolarici

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