Tuesday, February 18, 2014

UFO researchers and the big taboo.

There are indeed honest UFO researchers. Some of them tell the public the truth: Investigative journalist Leslie Keen, author of the 2011 book “UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record,” has noted that  in roughly 90 to 95 percent of UFO sightings, observers turn out actually to have seen weather balloons, ball lightning, flares, aircraft, and other mundane phenomena. 
It's generally accepted that 95 percent of all sightings are easily dismissed. Some turn out to be conventional aircraft, others are satellites or weather balloons -- and then there are the hoaxers with Photo shopped concoctions.
Kevin Randle confirms that the conventional wisdom is that there are very few hoaxes in the UFO field. Researchers suggest that 90 to 95 percent of all UFO sightings can be explained in the mundane as simple misidentifications of natural phenomena, misidentifications of aircraft or balloons, or as normal things seen under abnormal conditions. Of that 90 or 95 percent, some, maybe two percent are hoaxes, according to the researchers.
The public's fascination with UFOs is a modern expression of an age-old enchantment with remarkable events in the skies, notes Albert Harrison, professor emeritus of psychology at the University of California–Davis and author of the 2007 book Starstruck: Cosmic Visions in Science, Religion, and Folklore.
For the UFO industry, that 95 % of natural phenomena are taboo for several reasons. First it makes less credible the conspiracy theory that relies in the argument that the government and the Army are worried about the “massive” UFO presence. What we truly have a massive misidentification, so it’s perfectly possible that the remaining 5 % in no way represents a problem for the powers that be.
However, professional story-tellers waste time (and book buyer’s money) with fallacies, faked sources, impossible conjectures and obvious nonsense. What we have is not a massive presence of UFO, but a colossal mass of fiction sold as fact.
Besides if it’s true that there is a cover up of the UFO “truth”, why the world intelligence agencies don’t care about what ufologist say?
The answer is simple: they don’t care because UFO are a psycho-social phenomenon, and second because they see with “sympathy” the inconsequential ET-UFO-Conspiracy rhetoric which is the real cover-up of many big problems that have nothing to do with Unidentified Flying Objects.

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