Saturday, February 15, 2014

The imaginary ufologist short story.

Please, imagine a young, well-informed and educated person which in some moment makes contact with the UFO subculture. He or she reads every book available, and becomes convinced that there is something here, something that deserves research.
After some time, this imaginary protagonist of our story finds also that he knows enough and also has some personal ideas on the subject and side issues such as the paranormal and alternative science.
He writes a book and the book sells, and some people come to his first lecture about UFOs, cover-up, shadow governments and conspiracies.
Without wasting time, she or he begins a new book and after some time our friend becomes a professional. The initial curiosity has become a more or less lucrative profession and indeed it is a business that demands time and effort. Of course there is competition and the market has its laws. The professional after some marketing, learns more about what sells and what doesn't.
She or he also learns the tricks of the trade. Conspiracy theory solves the lack of evidences and anonymous informants, imaginary insiders and mysterious sources will help a lot.
However, the protagonist of this sad story is a decent human being.
He is an ethical person so, sooner or later our professional ufologist must choose between what he or she believes is true, and what sells.
We are talking about an intelligent man here, so it’s possible that he will see that paranoid ideas about conspiracies, secrets, and non-human entities will reach the minds of some unstable “true-believers” and borderline personalities. This is not good of course.
 Meanwhile the rhetoric concerning UFOs, cover-up, shadow governments and conspiracies becomes nothing more and nothing less than a job.
Precisely at this time, our ufologist and conspiracy theorist will have some ethical problems and even will learn something about Cognitive Dissonance and some mild but persistent guilty feelings.
The solution of course exists, but only he or she can find it inside.

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