Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The astrologer Eli Sadhanusari about Human-Alien bases in Mars

Andrew Basiago declared that the US government has a full base operation on Mars including aliens and humans. Is this true?
The first house is in Libra, and significators are Venus and Mars present in this house.
The first stricture is the Early ascendant at 1 degree, 3 minutes of Libra, and when the Ascendant is at less than 3 degrees of its sign, the question is premature. Perhaps there will be alien-human bases in Mars in the future but not now.
The second stricture is the Moon Void of Curse, and when void of course she doesn’t complete any major aspects before leaving its current sign. Moon here is 25 degrees 58 minutes of Aries. A Void of Curse Moon can sometimes perform in Cancer, Taurus, Sagittarius or Pisces, but this is not the case in this chart. A Void Moon tells us that nothing happens. The question is meaningless.
Secrets of any kind are ruled by the 12 house; here with cusp in Virgo, therefore, Mercury signifies the question, the quesited matter.
Venus, ruler of Libra, can be found peregrine in Capricorn on the 4th house. A peregrine planet has little influence, if any, in horary astrology.
Mercury, ruler of the 12 house of secrets is also peregrine, so we have the two primary significators weak and devoid of influence. Besides, there are no aspects between Mercury and Venus.
Mercury conjuncts Neptune and this conjunction imply rumors, alienation and obsession.  This conjunction is frequent in illusionists, deceivers and impersonators.
So, the answer is NO. This question is meaningless. Nothing happens. There are no human- alien bases in Mars.The whole thing is a fantasy.

 Eli Sadhanusari

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