Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Everything is possible in the UFO subculture.

One of the subcultures characteristics is its very limited space of influence. Subculture is defined as a cultural group within a larger culture, often having beliefs or interests at variance with those of the larger culture.
In the UFO subculture, these limitations are disguised by the leaders of the group and the UFO industry and the UFO paradigm is presented as a problem that attracts the attention of all the society, including the government.
The indifference of the media, the government and the scientific establishment is presented as a complex conspiracy of silence.
But since 95 % of all the UFO sightings are identified as natural phenomena and man-made artifacts; this statistic is taboo for the believers and for the self-proclaimed experts.
In the limited environment of the UFO subculture, anything can be proclaimed without recognizing the need of clear and reliable evidences.
Between professional ufologists and believers anything goes. Fantasies, misinformation, lies and fictions are the rule of the law inside the rarified atmosphere of the subculture and even the contradictions between different UFO-ET mythologies are not recognized as clear evidence of ignorance and personal fictions presented as facts.
A mythological ufologist can talk about thousands of UFO sightings as evidence, without mentioning that 95 % of these sightings are planets, balloons, meteorites, hoaxes and aircraft.
That’s why is possible in Richard Dolan’s mythology to imply that the so called Security State is a consequence of the UFO presence and the need of a giant cover-up  to keep the tremendous secret.
That’s why the invasion of Iraq was motivated by some Stargate (sic) in the southern part of that country.
That’s why Alfred Webre tells us that a council of Extraterrestrial civilizations keeps our Earth in quarantine, isolating us from the civilized galactic community, and Andy Basiago tells us about his time-jumps and his meeting in Mars with the man who is now president of the United States

Anything goes when the show must go on.

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