Wednesday, February 19, 2014

My apologies to Dr. Michael Salla and his lovely wife Angelika.

Some unreliable source told me that Dr. Michael Salla and his wife Angelika were divorced. I WAS WRONG...
This was my original message in facebook
It's true that Angelika divorced Michael?. They were into a good business together, reading dolphins messages for the public and teaching galactic diplomacy..!
This was Michael’s answer.
It is a shame you have to make things up to get attention James Black. Angelika and I are still happily married and working to raise consciousness on a planetary level.
As Soon as possible I apologized.
I am so sorry Michael. Someone told me about your divorce and since the "source" is also a self-proclaimed exopolitician...I am truly happy learn that you both remain happily married. Please give my regards to your lovely wife and to Braco, the Croatian healer. He must be also working to rise consciousness on a planetary level. We are so primitive..! Such a waste of time studying Medicine when Braco can heal his patients just watching them..!

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