Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I know...I know that after some years of making a living selling UFO fictions, the contact of the self-
proclaimed "UFO expert" with rationality and sincerity is null. However, sometimes there is a flash
of truth that penetrates the poisonous UFO Industry environment.
Let me give you and example. Richard Dolan, who defined the UFO phenomenon as "infinitely complex" but wrote a book about the world after the presumed "disclosure", told in one of his lectures that "sometimes he hates UFO."
What happens here? Several things. One is the Moment of Truth.

Noam Chomsky
Also, looking at the background of Richard Dolan you will learn that he is not a cynic. He knows that he cannot go on and on repeating the same nonsense in boring lectures and books. To make it short he is in a healthy crisis of consciousness, perhaps in a situation of Cognitive Dissonance.

The crisis is probably intensified by the fact that Richard is a man of consciousness. He knows who is Noam Chomsky and what is happening in the world. He knows about exploitation, injustice, hunger and speculative capitalism.
Consequently, hating UFO is not only normal in our middle age historian, but healthy and promissory.
Noam Chomsky's concepts about the compromise of intellectuals is an excellent reading, Richard, and I know that frequently it's your reading.
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