Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ufologists and the way of no return.

As we wrote before, some individuals with academic background discover the UFO subculture and become convinced about  possible contributions to this fantastic world-view alternative, and of course, the possibility of selling “new ideas” to a demanding market.
This process eventually ends in the professionalization and our curious explorers lose their innocence. If they remain sane, will understand that Ufology was not a friendly occupation for “open minds” but an insane asylum or at least a pathetic circus.
He or she will meet with totally incoherent statements, obvious lies, distortion of reality, paranoia and massive doses of non-sense.
If our new ufologist is already a “public figure” and sold books, he can’t go back. It’s to late. From now on, he will always be the “guy who was into the UFO and ET thing…”
That is why if you have different ideas about your personal or professional future, keep distance from the UFO thing.
Understand that to be “someone” in Ufology, you must go into the competitive nonsense. In the UFO industry, nonsense sells. Rationality doesn’t.
If you think I am wrong, just be aware of Dr. Salla or Laura Eisenhower rhetoric. Pay a visit to the exopolitical web of Alfred Webre or David Ike or some selected self proclaimed contactees. Read about faked insiders, omniscient sergeants, inexistent scientists, cosmic alchemists and ascended masters. Take a look at their imaginary cosmology, impossible sciences and pseudo-religious obsessions.
Think if you have time to leave the asylum or if the door is closed and you cannot go back. If this is so, go on with your personal show. Remember that selling has nothing to do with truth. Remember what the infamous Joseph Goebbels, Nazy Minister of Propaganda,  said once: “ A LIE repeated one hundred times becomes TRUE.”
After all dear friends, “the show must go on..” 

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