Tuesday, April 8, 2014

UFO mystery SOLVED..!

Perhaps you want to know more about UFO, greens, abductions and ET, so you can do something about this. If you are internet-oriented, you will always find everything about Flying Things, and you will of course learn a lot and keep those 20 $ or 30 $ in your pocket.
Of course, is perfectly possible that you don’t believe in what I write here, and you will see the beautiful face of Truth.  
Do some online research AND ALSO buy the book. (You will feel bad if you find that the UFO  “expert ”wrote what is free in the web about UFOs and …yes, and sold it to you..!
I understand that the idea of writing books and giving lectures without knowing what UFO are, sounds like a bad joke and an exercise in deception, but that’s how things work in Ufology.
Let me give you an example. One of these ufologists, also recognized as “public figures”, defined the UFO phenomenon as “infinitely more complex” than anything we can imagine. However, this expert , shall we call it Richard D., ALSO wrote about what he calls a breakaway civilization. This clandestine but human organization provided with the benefits of advanced Extraterrestrial technology and unlimited capital, has its own space program and a shadow government that controls the world…READ MORE.
This expert also believes in the “rationality” of ufonauts mystical origin.
Dr. Michael Salla, the exopolitician, quotes Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel , authors of A.D. After Disclosure, who give serious credence to the idea of "demons camouflaged as extraterrestrials":
If the Christians are right about how they interpret the UFO phenomenon, it is hoped that the rest of humanity will thank them for their stand against a demonic presence masking as extraterrestrials.
If they are wrong, or even incomplete, in their analysis, they will be seen as obstructionist or even dangerous, refusing to see the truth that stares them in the face.
As a widely cited UFO historian, Dolan displays his and his co-author’s blind side here in considering "a demonic presence masking as extraterrestrials" as a plausible evaluation of the extraterrestrial phenomenon.
So, one and the same expert suggests different and contradictory evaluations of the UFO phenomenon, without telling us why he believes what he says he do.
Now, please dear friends, think twice before buying books that promise the truth about this phenomenon. Let me also talk a little about statistics. 95 to 96 % of all the UFO sightings are identified as perfectly natural phenomena, manmade artifacts or hoaxes. When the snake oil seller writes that everyday thousands of unidentified objects are seeing in the sky, he or she is not telling the truth, all the truth and nothing but the truth. He is playing the empty generalization card. Of course, these statistical numbers do not sell. Fantasy-as-fact sells.

Our experts in UFOs do not care about truth, of course, but about that money you have in your pocket. 
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