Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Coverup-Disclosure Game.

The rules of the game are these: Ufologists proclaim that the authorities and scientific establishment conspire to keep people’s ignorance about the extraterrestrial presence in our planet.
This situation is ambiguous because the demand of disclosure implies that both, self proclaimed UFO experts AND the government know about the presence of the ET civilization(s)  
This means that authorities and UFO mythologists SHARE UFO=ET knowledge while the “ignorant populace” remains unenlightened.
We can also see that in the Cover-up-Disclosure game, the authorities deny such cover-up, but accept the rules, probably because the game itself is the cover-up of the real cover-up that has nothing to do with extraterrestrials cosmic visitors and the massive rhetorical nonsense which is the corpus of UFO Subculture.
However, these demands of disclosure and cover-up denials are directed to those who buy books and lectures tickets. If this is so, nobody remains outside the game that nobody can win or lose.
Given that nobody can win or lose the Coverup-Disclosure Game, CDG is not a real game but a show, a representation of a game.
Let’s consider the following developments: UFO fantasists know that there is no cover up, and authorities know that disclosure activists know that they know this. Disclosure activists conspire with the powers-that-be to keep the show going on. The best friend of the cover up is the disclosure activist.

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