Monday, April 21, 2014


We are aware of the supreme value of these contributions to the Ufological corpus and the epistemological implications of the present exo-ontological perspective.
The importance of what you will read here and (I hope) accept as a scientific methodology, cannot be analyzed as a temporary contribution, but in the total context of human culture.
It is also true that these findings are obvious to the enlightened mind and ipso facto practical.
Let me show you this: 
First of all, if the utilization of the acronym UFO is necessary, the word should be written strikethrough. UFO
This is so, because we are positively or negatively denying the value of this denomination. The strikethrough is denial and repudiation.
Why is this so? Simply because the words “flying” and “object” recognize characteristics and this recognition is fallacious.
On the contrary, we recommend the use of a word like Entity because entity implies some ontological recognition and also the conditions of the existence of such entity.
We cannot say that such an entity flies or moves; neither can we define it as an object. Even more important, this ENTITY, previously called UFO, questions the identity principle. YES…our entity is existent and/or non-existent. IT presents itself in a dimension where the categories of existence-nonexistence are…COMPLEMENTARY and not contradictory.
We are building here a new logic for the phenomenon we investigate. It’s something like an exo-logic.
In this exo-logic the non-existence of these Entities IS also existence.
If these entities ex-ist in a state of semi-existence and also semi-inexistence, the polemic about the existence or inexistence of UFO becomes unnecessary and superfluous.
But there is even more.
Once we recognize that entities can exist and also non-exist in this Third State in-between, the whole ufological rhetoric changes. Things like the cover-up, disclosure, breakaway society or time-space travel share with the entities the existent-non-existent dimension. The in-between.
If this is so, we do not care if what ufologists, cosmic alchemists, exopoliticians and contactees is true or isn’t. We don’t care about reliable sources or unreliable ones. Truth is an alien concept in the inter-space of existing non-existence.
Conspiracies , secret cabals, aliens co-existing with humans, cryptozoology and ghost hunting have nothing to do with truth but with design, elegance and originality. Nobody cares about what is true or not, because now we are free from the restrictions and limitations of the REAL WORLD.
ADDENDA: I hope this monumental contribution to the ENTOLOGY will be recognized and enriched.

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