Sunday, October 9, 2011

U.F.O., U.S.E., and Deconstructive Ufology-Tomas Scolarici

As you probably know already, deconstruction is NOT destruction, but textual and ideological analysis.
Also, deconstruction is exploration of what we know and/or what we don’t know. (Compare with Hermeneutics.)
Now, let us think again about the designation of what we call Unidentified Flying Object.
Perhaps it was fine for the 40’s or the 50’s but it doesn’t work anymore.
The “UFO” looks like a flying object sometimes but also it looks like a moving entity, however some witnesses talk of stationary objects, or those objects are crop circles or even little anthropomorphic entities that appear in your room and abduct you.
So, the UFO Phenomenon is much more than Unidentified Flying Objects. Probably much more than anything we will understand, but even if this is so, let me suggest you something else.
The “UFO” phenomenon is…something else. Something that remains unknown.
So, it’s better to talk about the UNKNOWN SOMETHING ELSE. U.S.E.
Of course, this will help until we find something else, but try the U.S.E. definition and see if it works for you.
Charlatans, deluded people, fantasists and profiteers also talk about “extraterrestrials” and, as you know, the USE Phenomenon is with us apparently from the beginning of times. It remains totally detached and absolutely unknown.
Under this concept, the entities described by some ufologists, are also Unknown Something Else, the “other” someone else or again something else, which is U.S.E.
If we begin here, with a complete confession of ignorance about the nature of the USE Phenomenon, we will clean our mind of prejudices and preposterous class b science fiction definitions.
We are open to all possibilities.
In other words, if we keep repeating concepts like ETs, crafts, alien ships and Unidentified Flying Objects, we delude ourselves. Remember please, that many irrational pseudo-contactees and fantasists want us to be a deluded clientele for their inventions.
Only those who recognize their own ignorance will be , perhaps, able to learn something about the USE.

 Tomas Scolarici

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