Sunday, October 30, 2011

My answer to Alfred Webre's Ad Hominem attack.-Tomas Scolarici.

Alfred Webre post in Examiner.

CAVEAT LECTOR: "It's highly probable that Nick Nolle (and Desiree Weissman) are none other than our resident troll Tomas Scolarici (a.k.a. James Black),......" Nick Nolte is in fact a pseudonym for Tomas Scolarici, an Argentine national who for 20 years was a U.S. State Department employee of Radio Marti, an Anti-Cuban radio station broadcasting New World Order propaganda into Cuba. Tomas Scolarici is a known ET debunker.

My answer

Having no evidences to prove what they say, EXO fantasists and self proclaimed contactees favorite weapon is the personal attack; the logical fallacy called Ad Hominem.
I am a US citizen born in Argentina and proud of my more than 20 years as a Radio Broadcaster in the Voice of America, Radio Marti Program.
My work was to give information to the people of Cuba, that information that was denied to the Cubans by a brutal dictatorship ruling the island for more than 50 years.  
Mr. Alfred Webre should tell us what he means by “New World Order propaganda.”
Also, he must tell us how many of my programs he listened or read.
Webre also writes that I am a well known UFO debunker. This is not true. The UFO phenomenon not only exists, but is with us from the beginning of historical and perhaps historical times.
From my own perspective, after more than 40 years of research, the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis about the origin of the UFO Phenomenon is not the answer. There is absolutely no evidence supporting the ET Hypothesis.
Charlatanism, wishful thinking and plain nonsense will not give us the answer we look for.
UFO Mystery is much more complex than anything we can imagine.
The recognition of our ignorance will be the beginning of serious, scientific and rational research.
Last but not least I invite you all to do some “googling” about me, Tomas Scolarici, (AKA James Black,) and read my writings about Rational Ufology.
You will also find some of my Astronomy  books that were written in Spanish. (And my chess problems.)
 Thanks for your interest.

Tomas Scolarici

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