Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Richard Boylan's neo-Darwinism.

Dr. Richard Boylan, self proclaimed Councilor of Earth, presents in his last post, a graphic of the human evolution, showing the intervention of Extraterrestrials that, in some way collaborated with our evolution. This intervention takes place in Boylan’s graphic approximately in the era of the Australopithecus; 3 and a half millions ago..!
If Boylan is right, the good aliens gave us a hand us in our development to the Homo Sapiens, but the experiment obviously was a complete failure. They could do a better job, right?
The obvious question is this: In what way this manipulation helped us?
In no way at all.  Boylan’s neo-Darwinism presumably demonstrates that the so called Star Nations were here, in our planet more than 3 million years ago, and if this is so, to wait for an open Contact is absurd.
Evidences? Of course not, and remember this: if you ask for some evidence you will automatically become a cabal operative and a she-male.  

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