Friday, October 21, 2011

The Impossible Disclosure.

We will use our imagination and visualize the Disclosure Scenario:
The President recognizes that his government is in direct contact with several extraterrestrial civilizations here, on our planet.
Consequently, the President recognizes that we, the people, were systematically disinformed and misinformed for a long period of time.
The President recognizes that billions of dollars were wasted in unnecessary scientific investigations, including most of the NASA activities.
The President, in his disclosure conference recognizes that the use of expensive and destructive forms of energy was unnecessary, since interstellar civilizations visiting Earth knew how to produce cheap and clean energy.
In other words, the President recognizes the existence of a giant and totally illegal conspiracy to keep the people, (and perhaps other nations) ignoring the presence of the Extraterrestrial visitors.
Obviously the next step is the presidential resignation, in a chaotic national and international crisis.
Now, any informed, rational individual understands that this scenario is totally impossible.
What's more, to keep such a conspiracy secret is absolutely impossible.
Disclosure will not happen, simply because there is no such contact between extraterrestrials and the government. There is nothing to disclose, and the mythologists KNOW this.
If this is so, these individuals demanding the impossible disclosure, are the real disinformers.
What should we do? Just ask them for any evidence of the extraterrestrial presence and contact.
They have NONE.  

Tomas Scolarici
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