Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More Exopolitical fallacies.

Fallacies are the substance of the Exopolitical discourse, and Dr. Salla, again, gives us a good sample of this.
He writes in the Examiner :
"The appearance of the enormous light spiral in northern Norway may be a sheer coincidence and unrelated to his upcoming speech in Oslo. Alternatively, the mysterious spiral of light may be a sign from an unknown intelligence that Obama's acceptance speech may be a catalyst for major global changes that lie ahead. With much speculation that the Obama administration is poised to make some kind of announcement concerning extraterrestrial life soon, the light may be sign for him to boldly go where no U.S. President has gone before."

This fallacy is a variation of the Causa-Non Causa , where some event is unjustifiably pointed as possible cause of another event.

It is obvious for us and for Salla, that the light seen in Norway has nothing to do with Obama Nobel Price. Also it is more than possible that the light or explosion has nothing to do with ETs.
If the "aliens" want to send a message promoting Obama's disclosure, they will do something more practical and evident.
But in the EXO Circus, everything goes. Again, Salla not only thinks that we are all idiots, but also that the aliens are perfect imbeciles.
Is this a joke Dr. Salla ? I hope so.

Mysterious light appears over Norway before Obama Peace Prize speech
December 9, 8:42 AMHonolulu Exopolitics Examiner

Dr, Salla Examiner-Obama Nobel Price

James Black


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