Thursday, December 10, 2009

Extraterrestrial presence as hypothesis.

In his writings, Dr. Salla, with good sense, tells us that the Extraterrestrial presence is an hypothesis.
However the Exopolitician, writing about disclosure, defines it as a necessary recognition of the extraterrestrial presence on Earth.
Of course, it is easy to deny the need of any disclosure, because until now, even for Salla, the ET presence is hypothetical.

However, the implications of this contradiction are paramount. IF the ETs are nothing but an hypothesis for Dr. Salla, the whole exopolitical discourse is a fallacy.
Whistleblowers, contactees and "wise men" are NOT conclusive for Salla, because after ten years of "Internet research" , the ET hypothesis remains just that: a conjecture.

Consequently, the whole idea of galactic diplomacy, contact, preparation, lectures etc, is meaningless.
How can we ask for a disclosure of something that we recognize only as a possibility?
How can we talk about disclosure if we define UFO as an Unidentified Flying Object?
Disclosure yes...but disclosure of what?
The answer of the authorities is easy: they only need to say that the Unidentified Flying Objects remain unidentified. The British did just that last week. They closed the door. They will not waste money looking for hypothetical aliens.
We must recognize this and stop telling the people that "something is going to happen".
Nothing will happen . The UFO phenomenon is with us from the beginning of times and we have only hypothesis. We don't know who they are, what they want, where they come from.


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