Friday, December 4, 2009

Boylan's hoax or something worst?

Boylan's following three posts show more about his activities. Words in bold italic tell us a lot, I think. It looks like a big hoax, and perhaps something worse. I think it's not enough to see all this as a delirium of an insane. There is something more here. (Comments welcome)

    My associate on my Inner Psychic Team transmitted the new information regarding the latest batch of volunteers ready to provide companionship to the Altimarian Oman, today's Officer of the day, who received it with joy.
   Oman tells that some of the Altimarian males have begun contacting individuals.  And that I may start to get additional inquiries from some of the volunteers, and "If you do", Oman says, "that they should trust what they know and stay connected with Source.  Their hearts will never lead them anywhere they should not be.  In other words Star Seeds do not need to have anyone confirm for them what they themselves experience.  They should be free to know what they know and feel what they feel.
    "COE you have already given Star Seeds everything they need to know; everything else is theirs to experience and explore."
   Oman says I can quote him on that   :-)
     in the light,
     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
    I received word today that the volunteer transport vessel picked up Max yesterday/last night and he is settling in for his journey.
    It was a tearful parting from his homeland, but he is excited and eager for his new planet [Earth].
'    Again commander Gene and the Altimarians thank everyone who helped to make this possible.  Gene especially thanks the Star Seeds who volunteered to help when he arrives (with emotional support). Gene believes that will be useful.
    The Human volunteers' work will initially be telepathic.  And very welcome :-)
     in the light,
Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
 rboylan@sbcglobal. net

    Enough Star Kids and Star Seeds have taken the basic Star Kids/Seeds Workshop that it seems time to offer a _graduate-level_ Star Seeds/Kids Workshop this coming Spring
     I wish by this email to seed the thought that if enough Star Seeds get off their inertia and do something, that a graduate-level Star Kids/Seeds Workshop can happen in Spring/later March.
    What needs to happen?
    If you would like a Star Kids & Star Seed adults Graduate Workshop in your area, get busy as a local coordinator and identify at least 14 other Star Seeds (plus additional Star Kids) interested in participating and let me know.   drboylan@sbcglobal. net
    Then I can arrange to bring such a Workshop to your area.
    One of my colleagues foresaw (remote-viewed) such a Spring Workshop. Was she wrong? Let's see.....
     in the light,
     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


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