Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Enjoy and have a very happy Good Year.

Enjoy and have a very happy Good Year.
Earth belong to Humans.
Aliens are not aliens at all. They come from the future. They are members of the Terra Draconian Colonies Army.
The abductions are just some genetic adjustments against rebels and "subversive elements "and also to help the colonial sub-race to look similar to the citizens of the Empire. make all this look like just a joke, I include the Absurdist Manifesto. Enjoy.
If doubts, just send your e-mails to

Of course, is not necessary to say that there will be no DISCLOSURE the next year of the next Century.
A few humans will keep some memories, IF THEY ARE NOT GENETICALLY MANIPULATED. (Abductions)
Best thing is to learn to empty our mind or repeat a silly song, like "Mary has a little Lamb"
This will help, Andrew, Jay and Blue will understand.

Happy New Year to all...yes, I know that it,s just a cliché.
After all, Darwin was right, those with enough adaptability survive. (also those who do not destroy their own race.) For a Rep, NOTHING IN THE UNIVERSE Is better than another Rep.
(they have-will have a magnificent Genetic Center in the Everglades, Florida.)

Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'intrate.

Dante Alighieri, L´Inferno. Canto III Divina Commedia.

Absurdist Manifesto


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