Friday, November 14, 2014

Philae comet lander alien ‘cover-up’ conspiracy theories emerge

Philae comet lander alien ‘cover-up’ conspiracy theories emerge | Science | The Guardian

Probe on cometThe UFO industry must say something about this and you will soon read a few "visions" of the pareidolics: Preferred Items are women sitting in the rocks, alien bases, rabbits, flying saucers and some friends of Andy Basiago.

Since the comet is just two miles big, probably they will not see dinosaurs.

Well...some other armchair scientists and ET life experts will also talk about the cover-up, the disclosure that is just coming.

With this, the "ufologists" will fight their old and between us, invincible enemy. The Nothing Happens Syndrome...NHS. Remember that what these people needs is time. They need believers ...with some money to buy the same UFO book again and again. They need, like the priests, make their clients believe that Jesus is coming back, or the Messiah will soon be sent.

While they talk, Science works in the real world. That is the meaning of the Philae landing.
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