Tuesday, November 11, 2014

COVER-UP: Why the Gate must remain Closed

I would like to talk about a problem that confounds those who are already confused. Shockingly enough, I will bless men and women who are directly and indirectly responsible for the maintenance of the so called cover-up.
These are in fact our protectors.
I will digress a little with your permission and go back in time one thousand years and quote the words of a Sephardic Rabbi called Abraham Ysroel Leon, respected by Muslims and  Christians.

He told us that the Angels came to our world under the form of whirlwinds because NOBODY COULD WATCH THEM AS THEY TRULY WERE AND LIVE after this experience.

In the Old Testament and the mystical Qabalah, there are many clear references to this taboo. We cannot contemplate the "Face of God" and survive. 
By the way,one of the Highest names of the Divinity in Qabalah is NO, (AIN.)
Blessed are the Guardians of the Gate which must remain closed.
Blessed are those who understand that SOMETIMES  TRUTH WILL NOT MAKE US FREE.
There are some things and entities that should remain forever under the pious veil of Ignorance.
The price to pay for certain knowledge is Madness and Death.

November 11, 2014. 8.38 PM

Tomas Scolarici
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