Sunday, November 30, 2014

My Open Letter to Geri Webre

Mrs. Geri Webre
Dear Geri
I was born in Argentina three years after Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis I.
I knew Father Bergoglio for decades, and his election is the best thing that happened to the Catholic Church in centuries.
I give you my word that Jorge M. Bergoglio was a kind, gentle man deeply compromised with the Argentinian people, the poor, the needed, and also those who fought against the military dictatorship. In fact he saved many lives who would have been killed by the brutal machinery of dictatorial repression.
The campaign of vilification, slandering and defamation of Pope Francis I is built on the worst and most unfounded and infamous lies.
Alfred Webre is giving his time and worst, his name to the man who is responsible for this attempt to assassinate Father Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s personality and good name.
I know your love and benefic influence on Alfred, your husband, and in the name of that love I beg you to talk with him.
This will be good for him and his name now associated with a miserable campaign of defamation against a man who doesn’t deserve the insults and perverse accusations.
Friendly yours
Tomas Scolarici    
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