Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ufology, the paranormal, conspiracy theory and real world.

This is a very frequent development in the UFO subculture and must be taken into account. It’s obvious that the ETH, the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis about the origin of the UFOs, presented as a fact by the different categories of fantasists is a very limited topic. In Ufology nothing happens, so the rhetoric is based in old discredited factoids, imagination, nonsense and misinformation.
Since the UFO industry needs to keep the show going on, sooner or later the exo-fantasists try their hands in what is called the paranormal.
So, we find the “investigative journalists” hunting ghosts, and blending new age and religion with the ET mythology.
However, even this is not enough so, sooner or later the ex ufologists become conspiracy theorists, but they find a problem here, because from conspiracy theory to the political right there is only one step.
When these “experts” go into the conspiracy swamp, everything goes. The church, masons, illuminati, politics, Satan, archons, inter-dimensional conspirators, Chemtrails, cover-up, the government and the extraterrestrial-industrial military-complex are put into the same bag, and the whole thing is more and more meaningless.

The exo-fantasists are now conspiring against the real world.
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