Monday, December 23, 2013


There are some basic facts that should be taken into account when we talk about disinformation.
Intelligence agencies have all something in common. They don’t waste money and time unnecessarily.
Besides a disinformation campaign should have some practical purpose, right?
Now imagine some analyst  suggesting that is a good idea to plant in the mind of the public the conviction that Andy Basiago was a time-traveler for the CIA when he was a kid and he meet President Obama, then also a kid, in Mars.
Think about some other analyst proposing a disinformation operation about Jesus coming back to Earth as an alien commander of  the armies of the Multiverse to fight the New World Order.
(Alfred Webre’s interview.)

Of course the chief analyst will answer to these disinformation ideas with three words: “you are fired.”
The intelligence community would never spend a single penny in stupid ideas that nobody believes.
That’s why, in our perspective, calling Andy Basiago, Alfred Webre, Michael Salla or Richard Dolan disinformers is in fact to attach importance and special meaning to some crazy ideas that reach only a very limited audience of true believers.

So we should think twice before talking about disinformation, because those who manage disinformation operations are in fact intelligent professionals.
The Exopolitical-paranormal rhetoric doesn't qualify for disinformation purposes. Is nothing but silly nonsense.
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