Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Predictions for 2014..!

Happy and prosperous New Year, dear friends.
Let me tell you what will happen (or not happen) in the next 12 months:

Galactic alignments and/or black wholes will have no effect on our lives. Please don’t lose your faith but do not expect any kind of ascension, elevation, or similar cosmic event. Also, this year Jesus will not come back to Earth as the son of God nor as a Commander of the Armies of Light to defeat the N.W.O.  These things only happen in the so called holy books and, as you well know, these boring texts are the product of ignorance, hate and fear.

By the way, do not waste your time waiting for some UFO-ET presence disclosure. This will not happen for several obvious reasons. First because there is nothing to disclose, and this is so because there are no extraterrestrial civilizations on our Earth or in any other part of the Universe until this very moment.
I can predict also that the SETI program, (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) will not detect any living signal coming from space.

About UFO sightings, the statistics will remain unchanged. 97 % of these sightings will be produced by planets Venus and Jupiter, airplanes, meteorites, human artifacts falling back to Earth, birthday balloons, weather balloons, hoaxes, and perhaps a few hallucinations. The remaining 3% (this is important) are unidentified for lack of enough research or witnesses.

Considering this, I hope you will not waste money and time, buying books about disclosure, Galactic Messages, anonymous sources and sergeants who know everything about UFOs and UFOnauts.
Considering all this, the year 2014 will be also a year of unfulfilled prophesies.  The “experts” and “UFO researchers will be of course very busy telling you what will happen in 2015. These new prophesies will make you forget their permanent failures.

That is what they hope, because the UFO-“supernatural” show…must go on. It’s an industry after all.

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