Friday, April 12, 2013

Exo-fantasists: the new trick.

This is not new but in recent times, the references to science-fiction movies as disguised messages from the so called “cover-up” are more frequent.
This is easy to understand from a rational perspective. In view of the fact that there is nothing new to say and the imaginary witnesses and anonymous sources are totally discredited, the mythologists tell us that this or that movie is in fact not just entertainment but a camouflaged preparation for future revelations.
When a new film is presented, the previous “revelations” are forgotten and exofantasists repeat the misinformation: this new film is a disguised preparation of the public.
 The rest of the rhetoric is just a repetition ad nauseam of the same imaginary discourse.
Remember that in exo-mythology , the forbidden word is EVIDENCES.  

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