Friday, April 12, 2013

Enjoy the Exo-fantasists nonsense.

So, dear exo-fantasists, those ET’s are here wasting their time and ours for how long? (Sounds pathetic to invite retired Legislators to hear the same old hear-say…) Well…I know that you are trying to make a living with the exo-trivia, but honestly, the UFO meme is dead. Boredom kills, Nothing Happens Syndrome kills the most imaginative pieces of virtual and non-virtual nonsense.
Truth is that sightings do not work as before. Most of the people know already that 95% of all those sightings are just natural phenomena of human made artifacts.
Talk also doesn’t work. You cannot keep some the believers paying and buying books, that is the same book written and rewritten a thousand times.
Nothing happens in our very rational universe. Aliens do not land, Christ doesn't comes back. There is no disclosure simply because there is nothing closed. How could you open a door that is not closed?
Of course, it’s possible to enjoy Ufology..!
Critical Ufologists think that the real thing is here, on our planet, where some self proclaimed Exopoliticians or Exobiologists or Cosmic alchemists (you name it…) compete in nonsense creativity and delusive talk.
Dear friends of critical Ufology, enjoy the spectacle..!

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