Thursday, April 4, 2013

Charlatans, believers and the NOTHING HAPPENS SYNDROME.

The basic trick of gurus, pseudo-scientists, contactees, priests and conspiracy theorists is this one: they make you believe that they know something important that you don’t know.
Also, they try to sell you that knowledge, making you believe that the possession of that mysterious truth will make your life better and less boring. In fact they sell also hope.
If you are a rational brain user, sooner or later will find that this secret, fantastic knowledge, simply doesn’t exist.
These self proclaimed insiders, will talk about extraterrestrials, secret contacts between the government and aliens, and will use dubious references, but never will show any kind of credible evidence.
Remember also that they need to make us believe that things are going on now. Anxiety is always a good seller, but if you do some research will found that year after year, charlatans were telling the same thing: the mystery will be solved tomorrow. Christ will come tonight, the magnificent ETs will land tomorrow and the government will disclose the truth.
Of course the promises of the prophets are always unfulfilled.
However, the snake oil sellers and “mystics” insist that there is a conspiracy of silence and that you belong to those few that cannot believe what authorities say or don’t say.
Of course, if the charlatan is charismatic, and knows his trade, he/she will sell books, and lectures and courses. She/he is ready to tell you what the dolphins know about your future, and teach us how to contact extraterrestrials or angels at will in our kitchen.
After some time, the whole thing will remain unsold; charlatans and believers victimized by the NOTHING HAPPENS SYNDROME.

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