Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thinking about UFOs

90% of the Unidentified Flying Objects, UFO) are identified as natural phenomena or human artifacts.
10% of these UFO remain unidentified.
We can say then, that the vast majority of UFOs are identified. (IFO)
Those UFO that remain as such, could be unknown phenomena or perhaps extraterrestrial vehicles.
Now, if a civilization from a distant planetary system comes to our planet, it’s obvious that they have a purpose for such a trip. This intention can be to contact us friendly or to invade us.
However, there is no contact or aggression.
The isolated self proclaimed contactees do not give us any element that could be considered as a proof of such contact.
Contact narratives are therefore anecdotic, unreliable and do not   give us any kind of serious evidence of the presumed contact with extraterrestrials.
We know that a contact with a superior civilization more advanced than ours always leave traces of psychological, social, scientific or cultural characteristics. However there are not such traces at all.
Because of this, we can say that given what we know about UFO, it’s not possible to deduce that the remaining 10% of Unidentified Phenomena have an extraterrestrial origin.
On the contrary, the lack of contact of any kind and the anecdotic unreliable and unrealistic individual experiences do nothing but add more confusion to the UFO scene.
The idea that these aerial events are natural phenomena, or unknown terrestrial experiments carried out by inhabitants of this planet Earth is much more realistic ang rational than the unsubstantiated fantasies of a few individuals. (Very few indeed.)
Tomas Scolarici
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