Sunday, February 24, 2013


Let’s think about this. Some gentlemen, and even some ladies, tell us that in the Red planet, there are native Martians, big animals, monuments and even human bases.
These seers assure us that this is fact not fiction, and that the whole human scientific establishment conspires to keep us in the ignorance.
Even the pictures sent by the Curiosity explorer are just faked.

Now, to tell you that all this is no true is to disrespect you all.  We all, rational people, know that the whole fantasy about life and bases in Mars is a lie.
But what can we learn from the “liars”?

We have several possible definitions. IF they believe in what they say, obviously these gentlemen are insane. They need badly a doctor or several.
Alternatively, IF these fantasists do NOT believe in what they say, they are just liars and worse; they believe that we are all stupid.

So, indirectly perhaps, each time that they post or publish their nonsense, they are insulting us. Am I right..?

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