Friday, February 22, 2013

How to create a nice meme from the Russian meteor event.

First of all, put your heading between question marks. Something like: "? The object that exploded in Russia was a meteor or…something else?”
With this you create the doubt in those who need something else, of course.
Then, you must write something about secret, anonymous sources in Russia. (Highlight the fact that these sources are reliable scientists…this is important.)
The final touch is to draw lines in the meteoric explosion videos, showing that these lines demonstrate that the meteor…was not a meteor.
If you want to make fun about the inefficiency of the extraterrestrials, try something like a Russian Roswell. You know, anybody can knock down a flying saucer.
However if you want to put a big conspiracy at work, suggest that the meteor was a diabolic artifact created by a sinister cabal to destroy humanity or control us.
With this basic and easy method you can create a nice conspiracy meme. 
This is only the beginning. With imagination, you can produce several nice follow-ups. 
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