Friday, June 29, 2012



Perhaps some of you will share this perspective of mine, the outsider perspective.
The outsider thinks that we have a considerable understanding about how the Universe works.
The outsider is aware of ideologies, because he knows that ideologies are always a false consciousness of reality. 
The ideologue will twist facts to make these work for his personal ideology.
The outsider is always rational, because she/he knows that life in the universe is always a cycle of birth, reproduction and death. 
This understanding permits him/her to free himself of a mass of unneeded, irrational unsubstantiated prejudices including Religion, Gods, Life after Death, etc. 
When he makes himself free, she/he  will destroy Anxiety abut the future. 
(It's simple: if you want to imagine your future after death, go back and think how did you feel when the Egiptians were building the Pyramids. Of course you didn't have any problem, any pain, any need, am I right? Fine, that is what after death is all about. No problem at all.
Your survival as that of any other animal, is your family. That's all. The Universe doesn't need more than that. 


 Outsider tries always to keep emotions under control, but does not repudiate these. On the contrary, he  sees 
Emotions as Forces.
He knows that in the end, (and the no-beginning) the Universe has no other purpose that the Universe itself.
Everything is Energy and perhaps also Void, but in perfect peace, the outsider WATCHES. 

However she doesn't repudiate action. He  knows that action works with Forces. (All Forces are Natural Forces.) 
Sometimes, even Chaos is necessary to "move" stagnation. Sometimes, instead, an excess of Forces in action demands pacification and quietness. 
The Outsider doesn't need to be a moralist. reason will let her/him SEE what is wrong and what is right. 

He only needs to SEE THINGS AS THINGS ARE. 
She knows that species cannot survive if some of his members has too much food and the others too little.
That's why it's not difficult to understand that Humanity will self-destroy if a few have to much and most have too little. 
The price of this disorder is destruction. 
Of course, if negative, accumulative forces prevail and humanity commits suicide, nothing will happen on an Universal scale.
On the contrary, if equalization wins the war, humanity will probably survive. If this is so, nothing will happen in the Universal scale.  
Tomas Scolarici
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