Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dr. Michael Salla worried about Men in Black III

So you believe that Men in Black III is a funny film? Are you sure? Dr. Michael Salla believes that behind the joke, there is a conspiracy..!
He writes:
“…MIB III is a highly entertaining comedy, and well worth the admission price. Yet upon leaving the movie theater, one naturally wonders if any of it could possibly be true? Does MIB III use comedy to hide the truth in plain sight?”
We are sorry for Dr. Salla, because he cannot even enjoy a comedy, but let me tell you this: when you spend your days writing fiction and selling it as fact, well…you pay this price.
You will never again see things as they are. On the contrary, you find dark manipulations everywhere.

Call it paranoia if you want, or just notice that because the Nothing Happens Syndrome , Exo-fantasists are required to write nonsense . The show must go on..!
By the way, give my regards to Andrew Basiago, the man who enjoys… “quantum access” (sic)

See you in Mars.

James Black AKA Tomas Scolarici
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