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How to protect Kids from Richard Boylan

Richard Boylan, the convicted abuser of female patients, sends totally inappropriate messages like the one included, to his group

This group is ONLY for kids 18 and younger, no adults accepted.i


IF YOU THINK, AS WE DO, that this is a form of Child Abuse, follow the advice of YAHOO.

1) Send a message to the

In your message you will let Richard Boylan know what you think about his inappropriate messages and let him know that you are just following Yahoo (TOS) Terms of Service. (you are in fact doing what Yahoo suggests you to do in cases like this.)


Richard Boylan,

will answer your message with insults and nonsense.



Go to

 Follow instructions and send the insultant reply and your original to Yahoo.


 What follows is one of the pathological messages of the self-proclaimed Councilor of Earth, sent to kids 18 and younger..!.

--- On Fri, 6/15/12, drboylan <> wrote:

From: drboylan <>
Subject: [UFOFacts] karma comes for a long-time Cabal harassment operative, and doesn't let go
To:, "'StarKidsHangout'" <>, "'DrRichBoylanReports'" <>
Received: Friday, June 15, 2012, 7:55 PM




    The latest incident of Cabal sabotage of equipment around my home a couple days ago was the last straw. So I set about doing some inquiring using my "unorthodox" (psychic) means. I discovered a bunch of things.
    The Cabal have had stationed in my town a clandestine operative who has had assignment to sabotage my property's equipment, my wife's and my vehicles, and even my daughter's car who lives some two counties distant, all for the purpose of harassment. The sneaky sabotage is timed to be a "response" to certain actions I have taken which the Cabal deem injurious to their interests. 
    He has also undertaken other Cabal assignments, quietly spreading false and disparaging "information' about me to several County Supervisors (political enemies), to the editor of the local paper, and to select other conservative community figures. His and the Cabal's purpose is to make me a pariah among my local community's power structure.

    I have had enough of his sh*t. 
    This clandestine operative lives in the same community I do, Diamond Springs, El Dorado County, CA. The Cabal had him move to Diamond Springs to be their local eyes and ears/operative at the same time I moved here in 2006 from my previous home in Sacramento. He quickly befriended a local woman, J. , and moved in with her in her double-wide mobile home in Diamond Springs on E. Holly Drive. J does not know he is Cabal and is unaware of his pedophile activities. 
    I "read" his cryptonym to be "Loren Munson", a 66-year-old Caucasian ex-Army Intelligence agent. He is now "retired" and lives on his Army pension and Cabal cash dole. Munson is not the name he was born with, but was a cryptonym he developed for convenience while working as a career Army Intelligence agent, and retained after retiring in the 1980s, and is the identity on his driver's license and passport. 

   He is a pedophile of young boys of middle-school age. In addition to cash, the Cabal secure his current services and loyalty by furnishing him boy victims at their secure clandestine pedophile ring in the SF Bay Area.  

    Munson was born and grew up in Placer County (next door to El Dorado County and thus is familiar with both.) After retirement from the Army, Munson moved back to Placer County and trolled for young boys in adjacent Sacramento County. He got in trouble in 2003 and arrested in Sacramento County, bailed out, and then fled to Szombathely, Hungary, 10 miles east of the Austrian border, to avoid U.S. prosecution. The Sacramento County District Attorney had issued a UFAP Warrant for his arrest but did not locate him. 
    The Cabal found Munson in Hungary in 2006 and brought him back to northern California with a promise to protect him from prosecution in return for his "services" messing with me and my family.

    He needed to be taken care of and rendered inoperative.

    Wednesday afternoon (6/13) I made a satellite photo of the trailer that Munson shares with his lady-host, and drove over to the location and parked one house down. I walked to in front of his place and used a sage bundle to trace three wide arcs in the air as I placed three containment shells of energy around him/his home. 
   I "read" that he was aware I was there, although he did not come out and accost me. 
   In hindsight I realized that the Cabal were aware I had visited the site by their tracking my cell phone's GPS signal. Later they hacked into my Google Earth account and determined that I had used it to locate Munson via dowsing, and had placed a push-pin on his location. 
   Thursday Munson waited til J. had left for work and then later that morning, with all his stuff packed in his car, he drove away in flight from his discovered location, heading towards Nevada. 
   Early Thursday afternoon the Cabal determined that he was running away. Because of all the previous times when I have located other Cabal operatives-pedophiles who were then busted by the authorities, the Cabal decided that Munson constituted a security risk to them. If arrested and interrogated, he could spill information about the (Cabal-arranged) Bay Area pedophile ring he used, and the investigative trail from that could blow a considerable hole in Cabal Northern California operations. 
   And so a Cabal hit squad intercepted Munson while fleeing, and took him to a secluded location and killed him. The squad then took his body to an industrial incinerator and burned it beyond all recognition. They disposed of his car at a commercial salvage operation and had it squashed into a cube.
   Thus there is nothing for any law enforcement to pursue or arrest. 
   He has met his karma. And my family and I may now have some measure of relief from harassment. 
   Source be praised.


     in the light,


     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


P.S.: To the several Cabal infiltrators onto my on-line Groups, this is what happens to people who work for the Cabal. Don't listen to their sweet talk. They have a body bag ready for you any time it becomes convenient for them to stuff you in it.

     Time for a thorough-going change of heart and direction. Before it's too late.

     And time is almost up.   


Richard Boylan, Ph.D., LLC


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