Wednesday, September 7, 2011


The word Ufology ends with the suffix "logy", defined as “a branch of learning, a study of a particular subject.”
The whole world UFOLOGY means learning and studying the … (entity???) called Unidentified Flying Object.
Now, deconstructing our own neologisms, Ufology means learning and studying something unknown, consequently the word itself is an oxymoronic contradiction,  because we cannot study something that is not only unknown but whose existence is not evident.
How can we learn about something that perhaps doesn’t exist?
Yes…yes I know that some of you will remember the word Theology which defines a “science” that pretends to investigate someone or something whose existence is non-evident and unproved, but precisely, in this contradiction, we find the key, the answer to our doubts..!
Theology only exists as the science of what people say about the presumed entity called “god”.
Ufology should be defined as the science that investigates what people say and write about Unidentified Flying Objects.
Now, diverse individuals tell us totally different and contradictory things about UFOs, and this is essential because probes that nobody knows what UFOs are (if they are something.)
Also this: Ufology doesn’t look for Truth in what people say and write about Aliens, Flying Saucers and extraterrestrials. That’s because we cannot find Truth in the contradictory and nonsensical discourse of the self proclaimed experts and contactees.
If you agree with all this, you are welcome, and so are you in disagreement.
By the way, I don’t believe that governments, cabals and intelligence agencies will spend 5 cents in this big carnival we call Ufology. Enjoy.

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