Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DECONSTRUCTING the UFO concept.-Tomas Scolarici

I would like to suggest the following ideas.
These thoughts are based on the deconstructive (see deconstruction) analysis of the UFO perception.
We know that 94 % of the Unidentified Flying Objects are in fact identified as natural objects: airplanes, satellites, meteorites, planets like Venus and Jupiter, and/or hoaxes, or even allucinations.
Now, our Mind is faster than our Reason. The UFO that remain unidentified, are ipso facto, extraterrestrial crafts, Flying Saucers, fast walkers.  However, this is not true. Those Unidentified objects remain unidentified, and we have no evidence to explain them as ET crafts at all. This is what I will call the subconscious meme. Decades of Science-Fiction and Irrational Ufology keep this meme alive, and we are easily deluded. Unidentified Flying Object becomes automatically and irrationally a synonym of ET craft.
Besides, if we analyze the concept expressed by the UFO initials, we will find new sources of confusion.
The word object, is defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary as that which can be known as having existence in space or time.
In other words, we do not know if this “objects “are objects of something else, something unidentified,
and unknown.
Of course, if those entities are unidentified, we ignore if they fly or not. Nothing known that flies, a bird or an airplane, behave like there unknown entities.
I am convinced that any serious and rational investigation of the so called UFO, must begin with this sincere, realist understanding.

Tomas Scolarici

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