Saturday, September 17, 2011


APOPHENIA is the basal stone of what we will call from now on IRRATIONAL UFOLOGY. Apophenia is “the tendency (or compulsion) to find meaningful patterns in meaningless events or ideas".
Regardless of whether some paranormal phenomena are real, even the true-believers concede that at least a small portion of such events are probably apophenia, including some photographs of Unidentified Flying Objects.
Apophenia is also essential for conspiracy theorists always ready to identify some pattern, and conclude that it must have great significance, although in real life important events can occur simply out of random chance.
In the end of course, for these irrationalists nothing is random. Reality obeys the rules dictated by Gods, Extraterrestrials and Secret Societies and Cabals.
This conception of the Universe denies any possibility of individual or social freedom and turns ourselves into puppets of Invisible Powers.

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