Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Lowest Journalism.

Some memes become the masters of their own creators. Of course this is just a metaphor.
But truth is that you only can keep a lie “alive” with another lie and so on and on, but…
The mythologists have a problem, a big dilemma. Nothing is truly new in the ufological subculture, but the show must go on.
Thus, the exo-fantasists look for something “else” and when they do this, they are already in the quagmire of the lowest form of journalism.
They must find something to write, and that something will necessary have nothing to do with TRUTH.
Quack healers, impossible conspiracies, racism, pseudo-science, impostors, faked whistleblowers, the masks of this sad, pathetic carnival where “nothing is true, and anything is permitted.”

Tomas Scolarici

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