Friday, March 11, 2011

Alchemists, Time-Travelers, Martians and Exopoliticians

Forget NASA and all those who know nothing important about Mars and the Universe. Go to the real sources of true knowledge generously given by the author and researcher  Jay Weidner whose (controversial) research holds that major races of humanity on Earth share the genetic heritage of a human civilization that secretly lives under the surface of Mars. He will explore the hidden history of Mars. (isn’t wonderful?) Yes, and by the way, Mr. Weidner coined the phrase “Whatever ideas are the most suppressed are most likely to be the closest to the truth” (Weidner's First Law of the Universe.)
Of course, if this is true, the Earth is flat. I cannot find a most suppressed idea that this one. But…we must recognize that Mr.Weidner knows everything about the Universe, including the Three Universal Laws…
 We will have also the EVIDENCES kindly given by Time Traveler Andrew D. Bassiago, the Lawyer who reportedly met three members of the Martian civilization face-to-face at the Curtiss-Wright facility in Wood Ridge, NJ in 1970 and teleported to Mars twice via “jump room” in 1981.
We have also the reliable testimony of the Cosmic mythologist Laura Eisehower who
was recruited to join the secret Mars colony in 2006 and 2007.

Remember that the Exopolitics founder Alfred Webre,  in his book about Exopolitics, includes  
a case study of public interest diplomacy toward the civilization on Mars.

Back to Mr. Weidner, he is also  Alchemist, Expert in the Goddess, Transformationist, and Crop Circles Researcher . We want to include here his monumental discovery: the Three Laws of the Universe.
"Whatever ideas are the most suppressed
are most likely to be the closest to the truth."
- Weidner's First Law of the Universe

"If a picture is worth a thousand words
then a symbol is worth a thousand pictures."
- Weidner's Second Law of the Universe

"The only people who call conspiracies
' theories' are the conspirators."
- Weidner's Third Law of the Universe
All this makes me sad. Yes, because I think in all those who waste time and money in Universities, Laboratories and  Observatories when the Truth is just here…

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