Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Conspiracy: The best friend of the Exo-mythologists.

Do you know who is the worst enemy of the UFO=ET fantasists and Cosmic Preachers? The ETs are.
We will go back to this later but let me tell you that these EXO-gurus have also a great friend: The Conspiracy.
Believe it or not, in these era of Wikileaks, when nothing can be secret any more, the gigantic, Conspiracy is the splendid help.
Think about the cosmic pundits telling  you all about the one hundred or one thousand Star Races visiting our Earth in this very moment.
You will almost certainly go outside, to your backyard, ready for the biggest spectacle of all ages, but you will see nothing there, the same stars, the Moon perhaps, Venus or Jupiter if these are visible, and with good luck some solitary meteorite burning in the atmosphere.
Perhaps you will go back to the Internet, and read again that there are thousands of star crafts there, in the night sky,  but the Big Conspiracy keeps the alien crafts invisible.
You will learn in addition that some extraterrestrial ships looking like party balloons were seen in New York, and some aerial phenomenon was seen in Jerusalem. (Please do not believe in those who talk about balloons and hoaxes. They are cabals, psyops, agents of Hillary Clinton, CIA operatives…you name it.
The Cabal is everywhere and not only makes the ET crafts invisible, but also destroy these same crafts with super-weapons and capture poor, dear aliens…
Now we will realize why those in the Paranoia Industry just hate the Aliens and love the Conspiracy.
That is also why the televangelists love Satan so much…because without Satan there is no more business.
The Exo-evangelists love the conspiracy because a few elusive lights in the sky are not enough to keep their fantasies alive.
However the Conspiracy solves any problem: they can tell us anything,  without giving any kind of  EVIDENCE. (e.g. the professional debunkers create the illusions. They manipulate our minds and that’s why we see party balloons where something just look like a bunch of party balloons.)
They can convince some true believers that contrails (water,) are in fact poisonous chemtrails that will destroy all life on Earth, and keep the UFO=ET away.
They can tell us that they found intelligent life in Mars, and NASA denials belong to the Conspiracy.
No evidences needed, anything goes, even if Aliens do not land, and do not help us, and are always invisible.  
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