Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Scandal: Alfred Webre against Andy Basiago.

Looks like Alfred found a new Mars visitor who remained in a Mars base for a lot of time. Presumably, this new time-space self proclaimed traveler was not recognized by the Supreme Andy Basiago, inventor of the CIA secret time-space jumping story.
Enjoy the text below, written by Alfred Webre, exopolitician and Pope Francis I defamation in chief.

Crisis in the time-jumping world.
TODAY'S UPDATE [Dec. 9, 2014]  Hi All! You should know that I have had to block Andrew
Basiago on Facebook. His harassment of me has upticked over the past 2 weeks ever since I appeared on this program in the UK.
Last night it got to the point where he kept me up with slanderous personal messages on Facebook and I had a 2 hour TV Roundtable with Mars whitleblower Randy Cramer and UK Councillor Simon Parks to be ready for at 11 AM today. The basis is professional jealousy and Basiago's inability to acknowledge a fellow time-space whistleblower. Now he is trying to say that my 1971 meeting with the 50 DARPA and CIA around my time-traveled "Exopolitics" book was falsified, which I know in my heart is a smear. He does not know it, but the event in Washington State where he is speaking this coming weekend had asked me to speak there as well - as a surprise for him. I believe he is being managed by the dark side. It all came out in Randy and Simon's interview today. Dick Cheney was managing all of the CIA Mars stuff for the darker side, and Andy was part of that mission. Now Basiago is white-washing it for the public, unlike Randy Cramer who speaks the truth about Cheney and the Mars colonies. Basiago is not qualified to be US President IMHO. In Light, Alfred 
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