Sunday, March 31, 2013


Logic bases rational thinking in three fundamental laws:
The Law of Identity
The Law of Non-Contradiction
The Law of Excluded Middle
     The law of identity states that A is A. An Apple is an Apple. In other words, something is what it is. If something exists, it has a nature, an essence. For example, a book has a front and back cover with pages. A car has four wheels, seats, doors, windows, etc. A tree has branches, leaves, a trunk, and roots.  This also means that anything that exists has characteristics.  We recognize what something is by observing its characteristics.  
     Furthermore, if something has an identity, it has a single identity. It does not have more than one identity.  In other words, if something exists it has a set of attributes that are consistent with its own existence. 
Now, let’s consider those entities called Unidentified Flying Objects. The definition itself tells us that these objects cannot be identified by their characteristics. UFOs show different sizes and move in a non-conventional way, so it is in fact problematic to define UFOs as objects, but we have no other way to define this phenomenon.
    However, the law of non-contradiction tells us that A cannot be both A and not A at the same time and in the same sense. In other words, something (a statement) cannot be both true and false at the same time and in the same way. We use the law of non-contradiction constantly in discussions and debates because we are naturally able to recognize when someone is contradicting himself. A contradiction occurs when one statement excludes the possibility of another and yet both are claimed to be true. Since we know that both cannot be true, we see a contradiction.  From this principle, we can conclude that truth is not self-contradictory. This is a very important concept because systematically, the UFO fantasists incur in this contradiction. For them and their followers, UFOs are also extraterrestrial crafts.   In this case, these mysterious objects are both identified and unidentified, and as we said A cannot be A and not A.
   The law of excluded middle confirms that that a statement is either true or false. There is no in-between in Logic, so Unidentified Flying Objects cannot be UFOs and also Extraterrestrial Crafts, because if the last statement is true, the definition of Unidentified Flying Objects has no meaning at all.
Now, since we cannot probe that UFOs are Extraterrestrial vehicles, UFOs remain unidentified and it is irrational and fallacious to use a contradictory double definition for the same phenomenon which remains unidentified until now. 
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