Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Impossible Rational Ufology.

Is it possible to have a yahoo group about Rational Ufology? Yes, it is possible because there is such group and is this one.  (40 members perhaps.)
Apparently the concept of rational ufology is oxymoronic. An oxymoron is a figure of speech that combines contradictory terms. Sometimes however, oxymorons are crafted to reveal a paradox.
Such thing perhaps happens with the concept of Rational Ufology as reductio ad absurdum.
If this is the case, Rational Ufology group was created to show the impossibility of rational ufology.
Anyway, we can ask ourselves if this R.U. yahoo group exists at all.
If Rational Ufology group exists, where it is? Ah…no, it looks like Rational Ufology as any other yahoo group has no inherent existence. Is empty.
However, not even this is true, because the RU group exists. We are the group, but this is not important.
Let me make some suggestions, dear people. If there is no Rational Ufology, also is true that there is no Rational Politics or Rational religion. If humanity goes on killing and maiming fellow humans, there is no Rational Humanity.
So, dear people, it looks like the whole thing is a big joke.
Ufology is no more irrational than politics, religion, moral convictions and anything else.
Alfred Webre after all, or Andy Basiago, isn’t more absurd than the Pope, the Priest, and the believer, the General or the Ayatollah.  
Look at the paper. Look TV news programs, if you have enough stomach. Look the impunity in action.
Look the massacre in the name of God or Allah.
Question: If Ufology is Irrational, just let me know what is rational in this world of us.

Irrationally yours
Tomas Scolarici, AKA James Black
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