Sunday, November 25, 2012

Choosing your own Delusion.

Truth is that if you look for Tarot practitioners converted to Christianity, you will find also
Jews for Jesus
Xstians becoming Muslims
Muslims becoming Xstians.
Christians becoming cabalists
Buddhists becoming Evangelics
Jews Becoming Buddhists
 A never ending game. However, nobody who believes that 2+2=4 becomes a believer in 2+2=5. Why? Simply because if I put two apples in an empty basket and then other two apples, I will always have 4.
2+2=4 is a fact.
However, someone else believes in the Tarot and then believes in Jesus born from a Virgin, resurrected inventor of the super-magical act of transforming the bread and the wine in the blood and flesh of the Savior, well, honestly there is no big difference. Changing Tarot for Christ is just choosing a new dream, a new belief. Now belief in the Catholic Encyclopedia is defined with the following words:
 That state of the mind by which it assents to propositions, not by reason of their intrinsic evidence, but because of authority.

So, the truth is that in the Universe, nothing will change if someone changes from one belief to another.
You will probably believe that something is different now. Great. Why not?
After all the Evangelists hypnotize the audience telling them “to open their hearts to Christ” Any rational individual knows that this is nothing at all but a childish metaphor.  
To make it short: choose your own drug-belief. Chose the delusion you like best. You are free to do that.

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