Friday, November 4, 2011

Our answer to Richard Boylan.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: <>
Date: Fri, Nov 4, 2011 at 9:46 PM
Subject: Our answer to the auto-nominated Councilor of Earth.

Our answer to the self proclaimed Councilor of Earth’ s message  between paragraphs, italic and underlined.

Councilor writes: 

    Here is my understanding of Altimarian team leader Gene's message.

- The Altimarians have been communicating less frequently because they are so very busy with environmental remediation of Gaia.
First of all, “LIAR MANTIS” is the anagram of “ALTIMARIANS”.Curious coincidence…

- Altimarian children grow up to adulthood much faster than Humans do, both physically and mentally.
Indeed, and that’s why they are old at ten.! Am I right Gene dear?

- As you can see, they reach adulthood in under three years, rather than the 18-20 years it takes Humans to reach quasi-full adult development. 

- Gene expressed the Altimarians' pleasure with those Humans who are actively trying to help remediate the environmental conditions on Earth.

You are welcome Gene, but our planet is so clean now thanks to you, Altimarians, that our effort is secondary..!

- Gene expressed displeasure with the negative attitude towards environmental remediation shown by the Cabal sub-humans.

Oh Gene, please, don’t say that. Truth is you are negotiating two islands in the Pacific with the Cabal. You meet them once a week..!

- He also expressed displeasure with those Humans who do not shown good will towards Gaia, who, to use the common phrase, don't give a damn.
- Gene is not suggesting that there will be _region-wide_ Earth changes when he spoke of karma coming back on perpetrators of environmental harm. The Earth changes which are due to karma will be _localized_ and focused on assets which the Cabal value or hold. 

Look, Gene, let’s speak clearly once and for all. If you do not like our karma or our kind of life, just get the hell out of here. We do not need you at all. We don’t invite you, and we do not recognize the pathetic self proclaimed “Councilor of Earth”.
You and your gang are just illegal immigrants…go home before we put you in jail.

- The conversation which Fran reported was initiated by Team Leader Gene and not initiated by Fran.

Yes, because the Altimarians disagree with Dr. B and his paranoia. They contacted Fran that is of course more advanced and has greater powers.

- The things which Gene referred to as "going to change and for the better" relate to increased environmental sensitivity towards Gaia, as more Humans wake up to Gaia's vulnerability and to their stake in having a healthy Earth to live on and pass on to their children and grandchildren. 

Altimarians, go home.

     in the light,

     Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

CAVEAT LECTOR:  Of course this is a joke. The Altimarians exist only in the imagination of the ex-doctor, ex-priest, now "Councilor of Earth""

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