Sunday, July 24, 2011

How to Analyze "Contactees" Messages

How to analyze “contactees” messages
This method is not only rational but very useful for rational ufologist:
The “contactees” meme is simple and very effective in class B science-fiction films and books.
We have an individual who tells us that he is in contact with some extraterrestrial intelligence.
This extraterrestrial entity gives telepathic or personal messages to the human contactees, and she or he makes us know what the Alien Entity says.
Of course the presumed ET must belong to some galactic Civilization hundreds or millions of years more advanced that humanity. Think that the Entity not only comes from some distant star system, but has perfect control of telepathy and perhaps telekinesis.
Now, let us go to these messages:
Reading these texts you will find a lot of “noise” I call “noise” to those ideas and concepts presumably are extraterrestrial but belong to our own human culture.
Never mind if we are reading New Age rhetoric or theorems. What can be found in our own culture is noise.
Other than noise, obviously we look for substance. Substance must be alien, unknown for us.
Even if adapted to our cultural level, the substance must be alien in some way. Must make us feel the new, the different.
Obviously in decades of reading these presumed “messages”, I never found anything extra-human in these texts.
In some cases, we found elaborated hoaxes like the UMMO Planet, but truth is that we Humans, cannot invent something that is not human.
Probably the only exception to this rule, is the so called Enochian Alphabet given to John Dee by presumed non-human entities in Great Britain, in the XVI Century. I think that there is perhaps something authentically non-human in the Enochian texts.

 Tomas Scolarici

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