Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Presence of the Absence.


The exofantasists have many big problems if they want to keep their shop open, but the biggest problem of all is this the presence of the absence.
Imagine that you are a seller of already awarded lotto tickets.
Since there are not such things, you must talk and talk and talk with your clients assuring them that the a priori awarded tickets are here, in your bag; just keep the consumers interested and convinced that the already awarded lotto tickets are in your hands, but…(please just a minute, that I have some problems with the cabal, the gov. the psyops, CIA, NSA, FBI…please ladies and gentlemen, just a minute more and the winning tickets will be in your hands..”
Not easy right? No, not easy, and the same problems have the Cosmic Preachers and Exopoliticians trying to sell books and courses and lessons and videos of something that is never there.
Same problem have the ETH Pundits that in pretty decorated sites showing faked UFO, faked stars, faked knowledge, faked contactees and faked extraterrestrials, try some PayPal fortune asking for donations.
Perhaps that’s why Alfred W. went into Conspiracy Theory. The Conspiracy is invisible, omnipotent, and it is in fact the perfect theme for charlatans. It Doesn’t require evidences. It’s something like God: you must have Faith in what theology says about God, and that’s all. No evidences needed.
By the way, Dr. Salla is now very reclusive, just teaching Galactic Diplomacy in Hawaii. Angelika swims with Dolphins and gives psychic readings. I think they have also some kind of therapy for couples. (Try to do some google if you are curious about this.)
Perhaps we don’t need to include here the self proclaimed Councilor of Earth, because someone who do such thing and shows generously his photos in the Virtual Reality, already lives in some virtual reality of his own.  That personal virtual reality is also called insanity.
I’m afraid that the whole ETH mythology will require more imagination, because there are not EVENTS, just rhetoric about the events that will take place.
Some Christians wait for the rapture, the Second Coming of Jesus. Exofantasists wait for the big Extraterrestrial landing, the big show, the big disclosure. Nothing happens.
That is why they must assume the oxymoron, the paradox, the sophism:
They are forced to show what is not there. They must demonstrate the presence of the absence.  


Tomas Scolarici

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