Monday, May 30, 2011

The new Area 51 script. (more ghosts for a dead world.)

The new “Area 51”script.

The Roswell incident was nothing but a decoy maneuver that went wrong.
Of course the Exofantasists and (professional Disinfos: old men ready to retire...) keep the "enigma of Aria 51" alive and well. (It sells some books and helps to keep the real secrets that have nothing to do with ET.)
The true Disclosure, if any, will be this: "Ok, people, yes, it's true that we were playing games with the "aliens" was a Cold War after all, and we needed a good cover-up for our "dirty" work.
Annie Jacobsen’s new book about Area 51 tries the impossible: to refresh the ETH, the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis is now a discredited refuge of losers, charlatans and self-destructive individuals.
This time we live in, was called the era of transparency. In this time of ours, Area 51 is more preposterous than, let’s say, the Manassas Civil War Battlefield.
If you make a little research, you will find that books about the Secession War sell more than UFO books.
Obviously, the American Civil War was a fact and not a fiction, and I believe that some of the problems brought by that War between States remain unsolved.
This new “Area 51” script it brings new ghosts to the ufological world, the ghosts of Stalin and Doctor Mengele between others.
This is logic, because in the world of Contactees and Cosmic Preachers, there is nothing but ghosts.

Tomas Scolarici

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