Monday, April 25, 2011

Some observations on "Massive Nonsense" and a new Dark Age.

I watched and listened Alfred Webre’s videos several times and arrived to some conclusions that would like to share with you.
Let us consider this: someone writes that there was a secret meeting about ET UFO’s in United Nations.
We ask for evidences and these evidences will be given or not.
Now in this point some exchange between both sides of the polemic are possible.
However, when we watch the last videos of Alfred, we have that sensation of complete incommunication.
Because we can ask for evidences about a UFO sighting in Jerusalem, but we cannot ask for evidences about ET’s showing future mothers, balls of light that “will be their sons”. Alfred tells the amazed girl that these mothers played with these balls of light-future sons in a star-craft, when they were 8 years old.
Now, if we ask for some evidence of this, we look as absurd as the story-teller. The communication between Alice in the rabbit hole and us, in our home, is just impossible as is irrational and stupid to demand evidences from the insane who believes he is Napoleon or she is Cleopatra. 

We cannot demand evidences about time-travelling Mayans taking pictures of Grey Aliens swimming in 
A New York’s pool.
Alfred Webre tells us that the USA government is a subcontractor that guarantees bad aliens the abduction of billions of human beings. Now can we ask him for evidences?
No, because if we do, we are as crazy as he is.
If Alfred for a moment crosses to this side of Reality, will tell us that I am obsessed with him.
No, in fact I am obsessed with irrationality, massive lies, the theater of the absurd, the violence against science, reason, knowledge, humanity.
I am obsessed with this attempt to bring humanity back to the darkest ages of superstition, prejudice and ignorance.
Do not let yourselves delude: this mass of nonsense is not progressive, but deeply reactionary and antihuman. In fact it can become the ideology of Exofascism.

Tomas Scolarici
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